Hand spinner - in modern version

by - 10.5.17

- post in collaboration with Sammydress -

Hi Sweeties! :* How are you? I hope you're fine :* This post is a little bit untypical, because about something funny from our childhood games. Hand spinner! Do you remember this? When I was young I played it all day long. It was my childhood, not computer games, but simple toys as hand spinners. Ok, now you can find it HERE in modern version of it, but when I was young it looked like small ball with needle :) I like it! It is amazing method to keep calm :) Check below how looks like hand spinner in XXI century! It's fabolous ❤❤❤

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Cenię sobie SZCZERE komentarze, które nadają sens temu blogowi .Staram się odpisywać na każdy komentarz i za wszystkie serdecznie DZIĘKUJĘ :*

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